About Phang Nga


Natural Beauty in Land and Sea.


Phang-nga, a peaceful province on the Andaman coast, welcomes visitors with beautiful beaches, tranquil islands and abundant marine life. It is renowned for its spectacular jewels Ko Surin and Ko Similan, and its oceans teem with an abundance of fish, corals, sea fans and other marine life. The mainland offers dramatic vistas of majestic limestone mountains adorned with verdant forests, hidden caves and delightful sparkling waterfalls. In addition, Phang-nga boasts Thailand's largest mangrove forest. Due to its fertile natural resources, this former tin-mining area has been revitalised and has become an idea tourist destination offering a wide variety of scenery and activities.


The pre-history of Phan-nga is attested by cave paintings and unearthed artefacts including potsherds, stone tools and weapons made from animal bone. In addition, expert believe that Takua Pa Town located in Phang-nga, was mentioned in a book written in india around 500 B.E. Increasing European demand for tin during the reign of King Rama V the Great (mid-19th-early20th centuries) raised Takua Pa Town to great prominence, and this boom drew Chinese labourers from Penang to settle in the bustling town and nearby area.


Eventually the boom subsided, and Takua Pa become a quiet town. However, in 1974, Phang-nga Bay was made famous once again, when its remarkable rock formations one of which is now called "James Bond Island" were featured in the James Bond movie "The Man withthe Golden Gun." Phang-nga's gorgeous and varied landscapes attract many visitors every year, while the vintage charm of the old tin-mining town lends a nice rustic atmosphere.

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